I currently have one GPG key that I publicly use. This page will be updated as I create or revoke keys.


The subkeys have been updated as of 2023-03-26. Please re-download as necesssary.

I use this key for authenticating to my infrastructure, and (rarely) signing / encrypting email or files. Please use this key if sending me any encrypted files or email. It is for use with any of my personal email addresses.

Note: This is the new primary key that was generated on an airgapped machine. The old key, 47CDC3C6, has expired on 2017-05-20 and has been revoked. For more details, please see the signed key transition statement.



pub   4096R/7F33E5FD 2017-04-16 [expires: 2027-04-14]
      Key fingerprint = E7D1 31DE 685D C1CF C19A  F269 E9D0 4072 7F33 E5FD
uid                  Dave Hewitt <davidshewitt_at_posteo_dot_net>
uid                  Dave Hewitt <davidshewitt_at_davidshewitt_dot_com>
uid                  Dave Hewitt <davidshewitt_at_gmail_dot_com>
sub   4096R/EB6B634E 2017-04-16 [expires: 2027-03-25]
sub   4096R/5C244008 2017-04-16 [expires: 2027-03-25]
sub   4096R/25E5E1D1 2017-04-16 [expires: 2027-03-25]



These keys are no longer used and/or have been revoked. Click on the key fingerprint to download it. Compromised keys would appear in red (none are).

KeyRevocation Reason(s)Compromised?
0B5BC874Insufficient key strength; Redundant.No
47CDC3C6Superseded by 7F33E5FD.No
533E9B12 Superseded by 7F33E5FD.No

Last updated 2017-05-20.