I currently have one GPG key that I publicly use. This page will be updated as I create or revoke keys.


This key is new as of 2017-04-15.

This is my primary online identity. I use this key for signing and encrypting email and files. Please use this key if sending me any encrypted files or email. It is for use with any of my personal email addresses.

Note: This is the new master key that was generated on an airgapped machine. The old key, 47CDC3C6, has expired on 2017-05-20 and has been revoked. For more details, please see the signed key transition statement.



pub   4096R/7F33E5FD 2017-04-16 [expires: 2027-04-14]
      Key fingerprint = E7D1 31DE 685D C1CF C19A  F269 E9D0 4072 7F33 E5FD
uid                  Dave Hewitt <davidshewitt_at_posteo_dot_net>
uid                  Dave Hewitt <davidshewitt_at_davidshewitt_dot_com>
uid                  Dave Hewitt <davidshewitt_at_gmail_dot_com>
sub   4096R/EB6B634E 2017-04-16 [expires: 2019-04-16]
sub   4096R/5C244008 2017-04-16 [expires: 2019-04-16]
sub   4096R/25E5E1D1 2017-04-16 [expires: 2019-04-16]



These keys are no longer used and/or have been revoked. Click on the key fingerprint to download it. Compromised keys appear in red.

KeyRevocation Reason(s)Compromised?
0B5BC874Insufficient key strength; Redundant.No
47CDC3C6Superseded by 7F33E5FD.No
533E9B12 Superseded by 7F33E5FD.No

Last updated 2017-05-20.